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St. Mary Mission - Faithhorn


Faithorn, Michigan, is a small rural community in northern Menominee County just minutes away from the Dickinson County line.  Because of its proximity to Norway, Vulcan, and Loretto, residents of Faithorn have a working relationship with local businesses, schools, and churches.


At one time secondary students from Faithorn elected to attend Norway or Hermansville schools.  When Faithorn closed its one-room elementary schoolhouse, the Faithorn area was annexed to the Norway School District.  All students were transported to Norway--this consolidation created a closer relationship between the two communities.


The history of Faithorn’s Catholic Church (1906- 1956) follows with information provided by the St. Mary’s Jubliee Committee (Mrs. Euphrasia Younk, Mrs. Winfred Kelly, and Mrs. Margaret LaGrave)


At the turn of the century (1900), Faithorn was a busy community with logging camps dotting the township each one bearing the name of a number.  These camps were later bought up by individuals, who in turn, used the sites as homes and started farms.  As the land was cleared, more farms were established.


The first services for Faithorn’s Catholic population were at the home of Peter LeCroi in early l906.  The group was organized and ministered to by Father John Raphael Cavicci of Vulcan.  That same year, Father Dittman of Hermansville held services at the schoolhouse.  In August 1906 Father Stenglein succeeded Father Cavicci (Vulcan) and he assumed pastorate duties for the Faithorn faithful.


In 1908 Peter LeCroi donated a piece of land and the first Catholic Church was built under the direction of Father Stenglein.  Cash donations came from area business and church members.  Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Harter donated all the lumber.   Men of the parish supplied the labor and in September of l906 the cornerstone was laid.


Original members of the church were:  M and M Martin Farrell, M and M Peter LeCroi, Mrs. Amanda LaRoche, Mr. Charles Hanna, Mr. John Pivonka, M and M Bernard Wilizius, M and M Patrick Hayes, M and M John Dunn, Mr. Michael Cronick, Mrs. Clarence Harter, M and M Bill Rabey, Mrs, Michael Butch, M and M George Hanna, M and M Joseph Plohar, Mr. Joseph Hlinak, Mr.; Frank Morlock, M and M. Michael Younk, and M and M. John Cronick.


On December 1, 1909 Father Anthony Molinari replaced Father Stenglein at Vulcan.  Father Molinari offered the first mass in the new church of St. Mary’s of Faithorn.


First for St. Mary’s


Baptism—First to be baptized was Genevieve Hayes (March l910) daughter of M and M Patrick Hayes.  Father Molinari


Wedding—June 8, l910   Michael Cronick (son of M and M. John Cronick) and Mary Jane Hayes (daughter of M and M Patrick Hayes)—Father Molinari


Funeral—May l915 Winfred Cronick (daughter of M and M Michael Cronick) by Father Molinari


First Holy Communion Class—1912,  Instructor was Mrs. Amanda LaRoche; Father Molinari


Father William R. Savord served his first mass at St. Mary’s of Faithorn on March 25, 1957.  He was ordained into priesthood on March l9, l957, at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in San Diego, California, by Most Rev. Bishop Joseph Buddy.   Father Savord was the son of William Savord of Faithorn.


First Golden Wedding Anniversary—1941 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hayes—Father Gherna

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