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Tithe Online with a credit card, debit card or checking account

One-time or reoccurring gifts can be made to St. Mary & St. Barbara through our e-Giving page.  It is easier than remembering your weekly offering envelope.  Click Here

Tree of Life 

The Tree of Life is a visible and everlasting way to remember a loved one; to show your support for the parish; to commemorate events; or make an offering of thanksgiving.  Your gift to the Tree of Life will be used for the purpose of restoring, renovating, and repairing the parish facilities.  To download the Tree of Life form for either St. Mary or St. Barbara to purchase a leaf or rock please click here.

Planned Gifts
Fulfillment of the church's mission is dependent about the generosity of the people of God. The starting point for planned giving is your weekly parish envelope. We are called to set aside part of our income to support the Church’s mission. As we accumulate material wealth, however, we are also called to plan for the disposition of that wealth upon our death. We have a responsibility to provide for our families and a responsibility as Catholics to build a solid faith foundation for future generations. More information


Each month we list the names of those in whose name gifts have been made to the Memorial Fund at St. Mary's Church. They are remembered at the 10:00 a.m. Mass on the First Sunday of each month for one year. The names are inscribed in our Memorial Book, which is on display in the vestibule. Contact the parish office for more information.

St. Mary's Memorial Fund


Special Projects

St. Mary & St. Barbara are our spiritual homes, but these incredibly beautiful houses of God also require constant maintenance and restoration.  Would you like to donate to helping maintain these church buildings for future generations to be able to worship in?  Simply pick up a "Special Projects" envelope in the parish vestibule or place a donation in an envelope marked "Special Projects."

For More Information

Fr. Marty Flynn


St. Mary & St. Barbara Catholic Churches

401 Main St. 

Norway, MI 49870


(906) 563-9845

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